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Golfing Tips for Beginners

October 14, 2016 at 12:20 pm

Playing golf can be a fun and rewarding hobby. Any golfer will tell you that nothing beats spending a sunny afternoon on the golf course playing with friends. For a beginner however, playing golf may seem very complicated at first. The golf lingo, endless rules and different kinds of clubs often scare away some newbies and prospective golfers. With the right people and tips to guide you, you will start on the right foot as you embark on the exciting journey of becoming an expert golfer. You will not only enjoy the experience but also your progress will be flawless. Below are some of the most important golfing tips for beginners that should help you become a real golfer in no time.

Best Golfing Tips for Beginners

1.Have a positive mental approach

Like in most sports, the mental aspect in golfing is as important if not more important than the physical aspect. Before you even get to hit the ball, you must first have a positive mental approach towards the game. When you are missing more than 80% of not only the shots but also the ball as you swing, golfing will not be fun at all. As such, you must be mentally prepared to really suck before you can start improving. However, in as much as you have a positive approach, your expectations must be realistic. Everyone goes through the learning curve but practice and consistency will determine how long you remain a beginner.

2.Shop wisely for golfing equipment

When starting out, do not be tempted to purchase the most expensive golf equipment. The first and most important equipment you will need is the golfing clubs. As a beginner, you will not be hitting the ball consistently so you do not need an expensive set. Since it is very likely that you will be playing rounds with a more experienced person, it is wiser to borrow their clubs. You can also rent them from the golf course but if you have to buy your own, go for cheap second hands. After improving, you may upgrade and invest on the set of your liking. Additional gear you will need includes golf balls, golf bag, ball marker, golf shoes, golf gloves, tees and towels.

3.Invest in golfing lessons

It is highly recommended that you have a person on the course showing you the basics. An experienced friend may be a good teacher but he or she may lack the necessary skills to explain all the complexities in golfing. A golf coach is the better alternative. Learning the correct basics in the first one or two lessons from an expert is more cost effective than trying to fix bad habits a lot later. Once you have learned the basics, you can improve your game by reading tutorials or watching YouTube coaches.

4.Track your stats and do it honestly

It is recommendable to track your progress as a beginner. You can track the number of good hits you make each round or you can use additional tools such as smart phone apps or golf sites on your computer to help you track your stats. This will help you monitor your progress. Always aim to maintain and gradually improve your scores as opposed to hitting inconsistent highs and lows. When tracking your stats, be honest with yourself.

5.Fix the minor problems first

Common beginner problems include failure to relax, poor aim of the ball, swinging too hard, lifting your head too early, to mention but a few. If you want to improve at golf, you must first handle these seemingly minor problems before you start aiming for the stars.

For a beginner, playing golf can be a nightmare but with these golfing tips for beginners, the experience should be enjoyable. You need a lot of practice to improve but be wise to ensure your progress is as smooth as possible and that you do not incur unnecessary expenses.